Creating virtual network schemes

To start creating a virtual network scheme, in the Managing, Instruments, Reporting area click Add --> Network scheme. This results in the small form, in which you are to name your new scheme, and click Create.

As a result, Fiberizer Cloud creates the initial virtual network scheme for you, as shown below.

We recommend that at first you define some properties of the scheme which may make your work more convenient. For that, click the Scheme Properties tab on the far right. This results in a small form (see the picture above), where you can do the following:
  • change the network scheme name and add a description;
  • change the element and connection width and height.
To create your own virtual network scheme for real, go to the Edit mode. To do that, in the file list hover your mouse over the virtual network name, then click the pencil icon. As a result, you get a toolbox on the left from where you can drag network elements and put them in the scheme. If you click an element, you can edit its properties in the form on the right.

To save your changes, click Save and then Close Edit Mode.

For your virtual schemes you can generate OTDR traces.

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