Batch analysis: Editing your reference trace

Before setting a trace as reference and applying it to a batch of traces, you may need to edit it. To start editing, hover your mouse over a file until the pencil icon appears, then click the icon (see below): 

In the resulting window you can:
  • Run automatic analysis by clicking the  icon;
  • Apply 2-marker (2-point LSA attenuation) or 5-marker (5-point attenuation) mode by clicking the corresponding buttons in the top right corner;
  • Edit events in the 2-marker or 5-marker mode by clicking the corresponding buttons: 

    Please note that the buttons become active depending on what mode is selected.
To make your editing more convenient, you can change the scale by moving sliders in the top right corner, or the red-bordered area in the bottom left corner. To save your changes, click Save. To go back to the trace file list, click Close Edit Mode.

After that you can apply your reference trace to the other traces from the same cable.

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