Data management: Collections

To arrange your files according to your team's needs, use the Collections functionality. Collections work like tags, meaning that one file can belong to several collections at the same time.

It also means that if you delete a file from one collection, it is deleted from all collections!

To add a collection, in the area Managing, Instruments, Reporting select an existing collection (or My collections as the root), and click Add --> Collection. Then enter the new collection name in the form:

The new is added as a sub-collection to the collection you first selected.

With the help of the context menu you can rename or remove a collection. To do that, hover you mouse over a collection name, then click a small triangle appearing next to it and select the necessary action. You can also move it to another level by clicking Organize and then selecting the higher-level collection in the form shown below:

If you delete a collection, the files belonging to it are safe, they are automatically moved to the My collections root level.

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