Data management: Files

Fiberizer Cloud has everything necessary to efficiently manage files in your repository. You can copy, delete, and rename a file by right-clicking it and selecting the necessary option:

You can also download one or several files to your PC. To do that, select the files and then click the Download files button at the top of the area:

Please note that at the area bottom the application shows how many files are selected in all pages and collections, and the group operation is performed with all those files. Thus, in the example above 18 files are selected, though only 6 are visible. If, for example, you click Delete, all 18 files are then deleted!

To clear the selection, click 
Clear next to the number of the files selected. 

You can also conveniently organize your files into collections. To do that, select the necessary files and click Organize files at the top of the area. The multi-level list of collection appears, where you can assign the files to one or several collections.

Please note that if you assign files to a lower-level collection, they will NOT be shown in the higher-level collections to which the lower-level collection belongs.

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