Getting started with Fiberizer mobile Android app

1. Open Fiberizer app on your Android phone by clicking run_Android_Fiberizer_OTDR_Viewer

2. You’ll see main screen with “Local files” and “Fiberizer Cloud” folders. “Local files” – this is folder on your Android with traces you can work with. To use Fiberizer Cloud service you should visit and create free account.

3. You can enter this folders and see some trace samples

4. Open one of them and you’ll see “Event table” view of trace, it has such areas as:
a. General data – provides trace length, ORL and total loss values;
b. Event preview – this is small part of trace connected with selected
c. Event table – provides events for trace (in case they were marked) with their parameters; event.

5. You can also turn your Android in landscape mode and Fiberizer will show you “Trace view” screen

6. Here you can try the power of multi touch for trace analysis. Also you can provoke two markers for measurement – press on the pulldown toolbar following:

7. Now you can measure such parameters as: attenuation, reflection and loss

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